Pioneering disruptive
for social impact.

This is me

I am on an exciting new journey - making Social Impact with the help of Innovation and Technology. As an Agile Delivery Lead, and a Business Consultant, I am currently focused on solving Business and Social problems for a more sustainable future for us all.


Disruptive  Strategy 
 Agile at Scale 

 Digital   Transformation

 Strategic    Marketing 

Growth Hacking


I advise businesses
on aligning disruption with strategic growth.

After helping corporations in enabling organization-wide Digital Transformation for nearly a decade, I have shifted my focus towards pushing startups become billion-dollar success stories. Throughout the years, I've had the privileged of working alongside some of the most sought after Thought Leaders, Industry Experts and Technopreneurs, in a number of different domains.

​My current endeavour - working with highly agile teams continues that trend, where, the focus is to create Social Impact with the help of Disruptive Technology Solutions. As an agile and tech enthusiast, I consult startups and businesses in their journey of becoming the next-big-thing.